Sometimes a great notion flits across my sewing table begging to be shared.

nehru sammy d jr“When they ask Sammy about his Nehru suit, he tells them he had it made. And he’s not putting them on.” —Esquire Magazine. Could this suit be any more gorgeous?  Could it fit any better?  Of course, if you couldn’t afford to shop at Groshire, you could always make your own…

nehru patternThis pattern from 1968 points out what makes the Nehru jacket unique: “‘slim fit’ without side seams has underarm sections… [and] ‘stand-up’ collar.”  The suggested fabrics include “brocade, moire, sharkskin… even plaids.”  And speaking of plaids…

sexy sewing

There is just so much to comment on here. I’ll try to be brief.  First, I’m glad the maker of Trevira polyester can identify this poor woman’s “feminine urges.”  Clearly she’s not aware of them.  If she was, she’d have the urge to run — really fast — from the creepy guy who is hugging her dress form with his hands in the jacket pockets.  And second, “Most men think women who sew are sexy.” Really? She might want to check in with my husband who sometimes comes home to find that I’ve been in the studio all day in t-shirt and (yes) sweat pants, looking like I’ve never even heard of a hair brush, much less used one. Not so sexy.

mistakes were made2

I’m always grateful when people recognize the skilled precision of my work. I’m also quick to share that each successful piece is the result (either directly or indirectly) of many projects that have come before.  This favorite cartoon hangs on my bulletin board to remind me that we all make mistakes.  Some are just bigger than others.